Our classes are run for small groups of a maximum of 14 parents/ caregivers and their babies/toddlers – depending on the space. It’s an opportunity for those looking for just a little extra creativity to their routine or needing a kick start to develop further their playtime with the little ones.

We tailor make each set of classes to the specific needs of the group, so during our first class we chat about adult’s expectations and desires.

The classes’ duration are kept short as babies and toddlers are actively participating too; the 45 minutes class is split it into 3 blocks – an introduction; 3 to 4 creative ways to engage with the little one and how to adapt them creatively; and a short group chat.

Currently, WONDERS OF PLAY classes are offered for two groups:

– BABIES: for parents/ caregivers of babies 6 months to walkers

The focus of these classes is to give creative tools for adults to estimate babies to develop specific skills – hand eye coordination, rolling over, developing speech and communication skills, motor skills, identifying emotions, crawling and walking.

– TODDLERS: for parents/caregivers of walkers to 2 years old

The focus of these classes is to give creative tools for adults to estimate toddlers to develop specific skills – autonomy and independency, verbal and communication skills, making choices, how to control and express themselves, motor skills.

Classes take place in Brooklyn and Manhattan starting in the week of September 25th 2017. TO REGISTER NOW CLICK HERE. If you have access to a space and some of your friends are interested in the class I would be happy to travel to another location.