On Tuesday evening I went to a talk on ‘the meaning of life’; I know right, not an easy subject. And I don’t intend to actually talk about it or inform anyone. But, after the talk, as I was walking Fritz, our dog, and having a moment to reflect I started thinking about the meaning of life from a toddler perspective. And actually, we might have one or two things to learn from them; if we can balance it out.

meaning of life1. toddlers are routed in the present, and although there isn’t a sense of ‘consequence’ with younger ones yet, they do live fully every moment of their days;

2. toddlers deal with thoughts and emotions as they happen and move on quickly, they are not troubled by the past or worried about the future;

3. toddlers are strongly connected with loved ones and the world around them; their focus is on the relationship and exchange they have with them;

4. toddlers, seemed by many as selfish, know their needs and desires, and although they are still learning to understand others’ needs, they know what makes them happy and content – but they might not know how to achieve that;

5. They keep it simple!!

This is what came to my mind during that walk, and I won’t explore it any further here, as I definitely don’t feel fitted to talk about such a great subject… just food for thought.

Foto above: all rights reserved to Marília Lauria

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