Over a year ago I published a little post about going out on a stroll with baby Vito as he grew from a newborn to an one year old walking motion! I did mention all the great benefits of doing so, so have a look at the link. But now, with a very active non stop 2 year old Vito who still enjoys very much going for strolls, some adjustments had to be made. Before I didn’t have to worry too much about him running off in any direction, but for awhile now, the picture has changed.

So, in order for us to still have pleasant and joyful walks in the neighborhood or whenever we are, we created 2 simple rules:

A – Vito walks next to mummy – or other adult present

B – Vito holds hands to cross the street

And that is it.. Magically enough, it avoids any possible trouble that might occur; for example, Vito running away – well if he does, Vito is not following rule A; or Vito going inside a store, if the adult is not going inside the store as well means he is not following rule A again. Pretty much any situation that you can think about it you can avoid with these 2 simple rules.

Vito knows the rules by heart, and we ask him to remind ourselves of them every time he is about to go for a walk. If he doesn’t follow the rules, like running in front of us, we remind him of the rules, and ask him to follow it otherwise we will either be held or be placed in the stroller. Obviously, we still remind him a lot of the rules throughout the walks as he frequently breaks them and ends up in the stroller, he is a 2 year old after all; but we do have plenty of wonderful peaceful walks in which we don’t have to worry about his safety. And depending on the area we are walking at, like a park for example, we are more flexible with rule A.

My favorite walks are the ones that literally are just a stroll; we don’t need to rush to get anywhere nor we need to get home to do something. We have time to just walk and admire the surroundings, stop by a neighbor’s house stoop and drum music on the steps or observe every dog’s poop left behind by the dog’s owner. We can enjoy and appreciate the journey.

stroll toddler 1   stroll toddler 2  stroller toddler 3

Photos: all rights reserved to Marília Lauria

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